Yes, it’s here! And Valt’s face above clearly represents the look you guys are probably giving us while reading this!

To put it simply for you, the holdup has been my fault this time. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I took a small step back from the group to clear my head and sort my own life out. As much as people see it as a cliché these days, I’ve felt rather depressed recently and taken a back seat to a lot of my responsibilities.

I needed time to sort this out and get my life back on track, and putting releases on hold was necessary for this. The rest of the group were supportive with this, continuing with their individual projects and urging me to take the time I needed. I can’t thank them enough for this, as I really did need it.

Thankfully, I’ve perked up and I’m happy with how things are now, so releases are resuming! You’ll see 40-42 are in this release, while 43 and 44 will follow this weekend. A batch release of updated versions of 1-13 will also be released soon, and hopefully we’ll be putting out some Bakuten Shoot Beyblade releases soon as well!

Thanks for your patience these last few weeks guys! I know it’s been a tough wait, but hopefully we’ll be able to deliver what you all wanted now! 🙂

40) Torrent | DDL | Script
41) Torrent | DDL | Script
42) Torrent | DDL | Script