Yeah yeah, we’re jumping on the bandwagon here. It’s easier for us to put tweets out than to create posts like this when it comes to smaller things.

We’ve gone ahead and created a Twitter profile for the group, which can be found @hoshinoyumefs. We’ll tweet out releases, delays and more information using that feed.

Not to say we won’t be using the site. The site will continue as normal, and we’ll continue posting updates on here as we have been. The Twitter feed is more about pushing small details out and quickly.

Burst #16 and #17 are coming. We aren’t planning a double release; we’ve just had a miscommunication which resulted in a script…well…sitting around for a few days without editing, as we were waiting on translation control which…didn’t exist this week. We’re back on track now, and hopefully #16 will be ready for release later tonight, with #17 either tomorrow or Friday.

Thanks for your continued support! ❤