Hey there! Mana here to provide an update on the state of the Beyblade Burst series that we’ve been subbing!

Episode #10’s Issue

As you’re all probably aware, we ran into some issues with releasing #10 the other week. While I won’t go over everything in excessive detail, this was caused due to the encoding team being fussy with their encoding and wanting to transition to webrips, though constantly failing.

We did emphasise with them that, if they wanted this transition to work, they had to be practicing this beforehand so that the release window wouldn’t be ruined. But alas, it was ruined and we ended up releasing with a raw we had from day 1, due to myself and the translator putting our foot down on it.

For this situation, we’re sorry. It shouldn’t have taken that long at all. Encoders should not be holding up the process with things that they should have practiced beforehand, and we will definitely be putting our foot down going forward. Same-day raw or we’ll use whatever is available.

So what about #11?

Aha, this is where it gets complicated. As you saw in #10’s release post, I reassured that we had things under control and would release on time, aiming for Wednesday at latest as usual. Yeah…that went out of the window, but not for any encoding reasons this time.

Unfortunately, the translator for our Burst team was admitted to hospital last Monday (again, refraining on too many details), so we’ve been doing what we can to have everything except the translation finished since then. He was released on Saturday, much to our delight, and it was good to see him feeling better than he was before.

However, during his time in hospital, he realised that working in the group is far more stressful than it is worth, and he is no longer having fun translating while our encoding and timing teams are causing issues. Therefore, Inumofu has now chosen to leave the group to avoid the stress, which is best for his translation enjoyment and for his personal health.

So where does that leave Burst?

Well, simply put, that leaves HnY without a translator for the Burst series. We have Siliva we can use, but we’d ultimately prefer not to given that he is already working on the Bakuten team. So it’s likely that we’ll try to recruit a new translator at some point, somehow.

However, for the time being; Inumofu will be continuing his releases, albeit independently. This means him timing and translating all on his own, and will be releasing on his own accord. He has asked me to assist with quality control and editing, so I’ll be assisting him however I can.

Tl;dr: HnY Burst releases will be slower, if existent at all for the time being. Inumofu will be doing independent releases, which I shall be assisting with.

Anything that we can do to help?

Honestly, the most I can say at this point is: please be patient! And, on behalf of the group, I’m sorry that things have taken the nosedive that they have, so please forgive us!

If anyone is fluent in Japanese and would like to put themselves forward for translation on any project in the group as well, we’re currently very open to considering our options in that regard.

Thanks for all your support guys! It means a lot! πŸ˜€