Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Woooooooo! We’re releasing Burst again! It’s almost like it’s been over a week since a Burst release!

To summarise why this week was late; we had some internal disputes regarding the use of raws. One member wanted to use webrips, another wanted TV raws. The source video was messed around with so much that, when we finally settled on a webrip, the audio had a delay and yeah, things fell apart from there and we started from scratch.

But regardless! We’re here now, we’re sporting Ohys-Raws for this release, and we’ve made a few changes to the subs! The OP and ED themes are now properly timed for karaoke use, and some alterations have been made to the lyrics (and to the prologue text) to add accuracy and allow for fluid reading. Please enjoy them as much as we are! 😀

Releases will be on-time starting next week. No excuses at all, we’ve straightened out our internal issues and we’ll continue aiming for our regular Wednesday releases (at the very latest).